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Our official onsite Tanning, Hair and Makeup Company is Center Stage Tan


Center Stage Tan is the official TANNING, HAIR, and MAKEUP company of the Battle for the Eagle using Liquid Sun Rayz products & coloring. Center Stage Tan's professional licensed estheticians will be onsite to help you with all of your presentation needs. Center Stage Tan has a team of highly trained artists who use specially formulated products for the stage and our lighting!


Use what the Pros choose! We highly recommend Center Stage Tan as they offer professional service and the perfect tan! To contact them directly, visit and click on the "BOOK NOW" or contact Kim Bell at 503-267-8280. Kim advises to start early with your skin prep for the most flawless, darkest tan possible! See their website under the competitors tab for skin prep instructions. Please “like” the Center Stage Tan on Facebook page for more tips and information.

Center Stage Tan will also be offering Make-Up and Hair services for any of the competitors needing help with their onstage make-up. Contact them direct to schedule your appointments or ask questions about make-up, hair and tanning.


Once your competition color is applied... dark sheets, pillow cases, and blankets are strongly advised to avoid staining as well as your own towels for showering and cleaning to avoid additional charges from your hotel or vacation rental during your stay. 


Please note for first time competitors, spray tans provided from local spray tanning salons do not meet the needs or color requirements to best showcase your physique under such strong stage lighting. It is highly recommended no matter what tone or shade your skin is to speak with Center Stage Tan to make sure you get the best skin color that will help your physique. We have seen competitors step onstage with spray tans done from local tanning salons and they are not dark enough under the stage lighting.

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